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Rouge: ???

Kit: Cobrakit

Apprentice: Cobrapaw

Warrior: Cobrastrike

Gender: Tom (Male)

Mother: ???

Father: ???

Siblings: ???

Age: 22 moons
Deviant Name:


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Cobrastrike is a clever and sarcastic tom with narcissistic tendancies, but very dedicated to the warrior code. He has mischievous and stubborn personailty around his clanmates, and a brave and bold in battle. He can be quite charming at times, although not often. He is only of average general intelligence, but he is very strong.

Cobrastrike can hold others as lower than him for having differing opinions, although he won't try to attack, maim, or exclude the cat if they are put, for example, on patrol together- although their relationship will probably not be a good one, probably very tense or hostile.


Cobrastrike is a dark grey tom. His stripes are a darker grey, closer to black. His eyes are a bright green. His fur is medium-length, leaning to long in length, and decently smooth. He is heavily-muscled, although not overly strong.


He was actually born outside the clans- as a kittypets kit. His father had dead before his mother had known she was expecting his kits. His mother left her housefolk, not wanting her twolegs to take the kit from her when it had grown. This was a choice she would come to regret, as she died giving birth to her kits- one tom and two she-kits, as well as one fourth kit, who was underdeveloped. One of the she-kits and the underdeveloped kit were born dead. The last she-kit was weak, dieing before the sun had passed the peak of the sky. The tom kit- Cobrastrike- was the last living kit.
A patrol found them, taking the last living kit to their camp. A queen opted to take the kit- her only kit had recently died. She believed that this kit was a gift from the ancestors, and raised him like her own son, naming him Cobrakit. However, this did not last, as she was killed about halfway through his apprenticehood.
He became an apprentice, now Cobrapaw. The first four moons were normal- until, as stated before, his adoptive mother was killed by rouges. The last six moons were average, although he did mourn his 'mothers' death for some time.
He was named Cobrastrike, a full warrior, once again, at the average time for apprentice to 'graduate' to being a warrior.


  • He has a close resembalance to his mother, unlike the rest of the litter that was found, assumed to be closer to his father.
  • He has practically given up on finding a mate; he tends to be either to self-absorbed or detached to other cats, which usually 'scares' them away.
  • He has a deep hatred for other clans and their cats