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Apprentice: Coldpaw

Warrior: Coldgaze

Gender: Female

Mother: Shaken

Father: Brownie

Age: 20 moons

Deviant Name:



Biography:  Early life ( 1-3 moons)- As a kit, Coldgaze was a rouge under the name Thorn, her mother and her where abandoned from her mothers mate, Brownie, Who was sick of her auditude. She was the only surviving kit of her litter, The others died during the harsh winter witch they where born in. Thorn survived by staying very close to her mother at all times for warmth. They where refused everywhere they tried to take refuge. Finally they where accepted into Rainclan, And Thorn toke the name Thornkit, to be a full member of Rainclan (4-6 moons) Thornkit was made fun of by her peers for being a past rouge, Angry, She attacked one of the other kits. Injuring him. Her mother was furious and changed her kits name to "Coldkit" For her daughters Icy heart. Coldkit was upset for a bit, And at 5 moons, Her mother pulled her aside and said she was leaving, She refused to let Coldkit come with her, so she had to stay in rain clan. She had no family in rain clan. And had gained a reputation for her Bad auditude, witch she picked up from her mother. At 6 moons she was given a new name ( Coldpaw) And her mentor was SerenityRain, A 16 moon warrior.

Apprentice life. (6-10 moons) As a apprentice, Coldpaw was fast learning. She brought honor to her mentor, and was, with ease, one of the most skilled fighter out of the apprentices. She had almost no friends, She only really accepted serenityrain as a friend. She was still made fun of by most of the apprentices, but was respected by the other apprentices. She created a different fighting style that she mastered, She created fighting was Intelligence, and frankly, was very good at it She was made a warrior at 10 moons.

Warrior life  (10-20 moons) As a warrior, Coldpaw was given the name Coldgaze, ( named after her icy eyes) She wore it with pride. She hardly listened to anyone but herself, and serenitystar. She was never given a apprentice as her life as a warrior so far.

Refuge life and new beginnings  (20 Moons)  She was exiled from rain clan and stole one of serenitystars kits, Hauntedkit. Faking the kits death so she could raise it as her own. Coldgaze created the clan, Taintedclan, And toke the name Coldstar.


A small brown she cat, with icy blue eyes.


  • Coldgaze hates other clans