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Kit: Tigerkit

Apprentice: Tigerpaw

Medicine Cat: Feralheart

Gender: Tom (Male)

Mother: Silentclaw

Father: Duskmeadow

Brothers: Hawktail, Wolfsong

Uncle: Adderbite

Aunt: Poppypelt

Age: 52 moons
Deviant Name:


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Jet black wpelt with bright green eyes he bares two scars over his eye and three upon his back.


Feralheart was not born Feralkit no he was born Tigerkit, he was the oldest of two kits , Hawkkit and Wolfkit, they were three troublesome boys always adventuring and exploring, they loved to sneak into the leaders den and explore around the came from time to time daring even to sneak out. They were recklace and foolish, traits which would lead to sad times for are Feralheart. So they grew more daring each day the kits would head deeper and deeper out egged on by there uncles tales about when he was a kit. Out there they stumbled upon a dying rabbit, it was wounded ear missing , pelt bloody and dirty, the kits walked up inspecting it sniffing it. Un happy about the kits sniffing and poking it the rabbit lashed out with it’s paw cutting into Wolfpaws side. The kits ran back in fear and shock claiming , they’d been messing about on the rocks. Wolfkit was fine after weeks of treatment but ran with a slight limp. As they turned apprentices the boys saw eachother less….and less……and less.Tigerpaw was locked in his training, day after he’d train long and hard till all he could do was sleep. The brothers grew apart, and the little time they had together they’d fight and scap, by the time these boy were warriors they were very vile to each other. They fought often and they fought bloody, the medience cat ended up teaching Tigerheart what he should use to treat his wounds. He was glad of this because he’s walk in after a fight and appile what he needed. It was bliss to be treated so fast, after months of fighting endlessly, the leader got involed, angered by there foolish display. He fought with the leader and lost, and was called upon by the leader at a cemornianny for naming apprentices to warriors. “You Tigerheart your name doesn’t suit you, for your not striped like one , and you aren’t noble like one, I belive you to be feral and I ask starclan to rename this tom, this tom scared and battered to be Feralheart, for feral is he’s nature.” From that day he was known as Feralheart he spent a lot of time with the medience cat, learning about herbs little did he now it’s influnce his future………