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Kit: Puzzlekit

Apprentice: Puzzlepaw

Gender: Tom (Male)

Mother: ???

Father: ???

Siblings: ???

'Foster Father': ???

Age: 5 moons
Deviant Name:


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[Sarcastic] [Arrogant] [Loyal] [Flirty] [Nosy] [Bold]

Sarcastic: When upset, Puzzlepaw tends to make sarcastic or snappy remarks that may end up hurting another cat's feeling. He's conscious of this, and apologizes afterwards, though he doesn't really try an stop it.

Arrogant: Puzzlepaw loves to boast. He absolutely thinks that he is the best cat in all the clans [though it is far from true]. He sometimes exaggerates his stories to make himself seem more clever then others. When at a [for example] gathering, he brags to the other apprentices, from other clans, of how much better his clan is then theirs. [Which, more often then not, tends to get him beat up. Often.

Loyal: Despite Puzzlepaw's flaws, once he becomes friendly with someone, and the feeling is mutual, he stays loyal to them, and would gladly give his life for them. He holds his Clan in the highest esteem, and believes it the best among all the other clans, and would give his life protecting it.

Flirty: When Puzzlepaw sets his sights on a young she-cat, she had better be prepared for some MAJOR flirtation from Puzzlepaw. Already with his bold personality, he will pursue her until she either tells him to back off, or accepts him.

Nosy: When walking though camp, or a gathering, if he sees a group of cats looking interested as they talk to each other, he will most likely walk over with a loud greeting and sit down beside them and join in. When cats are having private conversations, he makes a point to try and see what they're talking about.

Bold: Puzzlepaw stands up to higher ranking cats [whether it be apprentices, warriors, elders, or even the leader] to say his opinion. If he's not heard the first time, he will raise his voice till he is. If he gets in trouble, he'll most likely make a sarcastic comment after the cat who did so, no matter how important they are.