Reverseheart warriors darkstorm application by xxsoaringheartxx-d60yq1t

Kit: Reversekit

Apprentice: Reversepaw

Warrior: Reverseheart

Gender: Tom (Male)

Mother: Lily

Father: Tiger

Age: 26 Moons

(2 years and 2 months old)

Deviant Name:


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Reverseheart is a brown tabby tom with a tan belly and a lighter colored muzzle with white paws with ambe reyes.


Reverseheart as a kit lived as a loner with his mother and father, Lily and Tiger. Tiger on occassion beat Reverseheart up as a kit and Lily, his mother, could do anything to help him without getting beat herself. One day his father's beating got worse and Lily stepped in scraed that her son would die because of Tiger. As his parents fought his mother yelled at Reverseheart to run, and he did. For days Reverseheart wandered, missing his mother all the while. Reverseheart lost a lot of weight becase he was just a kit and didn't know how to hunt for himself, till a Lightningclan patrol found him one day.
When they found him he was collapsed on his side barely even breath because of how underfed he was, they thought he was dead. Reverseheart would not let them think he was dead because he set a goal to survive for his mother. He got up painfully and followed the Lightningclan patrol. After a while they figured out he was following them and offered him into the clan because he was so well at being silent.
When they asked him to join he was about 6 moons old, and so without going to the nursery he was immediatly given a new name and a mentor. His new name was Reversepaw, and so his training started. Reerseheart was always a quick and slow learner, something he caught on quickly and somethings he didn't, making him quite a girl's dream. He enjoyed his new life compared to the old one but always pictured his mom still alive and his father to far to hurt him or her anymore.
Reverseheart excelled in fighting, though his hunting skills could use some work, he loved to hide in trees, that was always his get away spot from everything. He was soon named Reverseheart because of his slowness and his fast way of fighting and hunting.


What were the names of Reverseheart's parents?