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Kit: Rosekit

Apprentice: Rosepaw

Medicine Cat: Rosefury

Gender: She-Cat (Female)

Mother: Shadowpepple

Father: ???

Sister: Lilypatch

Age: 36 moons
Deviant Name:


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A lean she-cat with rustic coloring on pelt. Bi-colored eyes which are light blue and green. Her fur texture is very course, though softens at the underbelly.


Her father is unknown to any cat besides her mother; it is suspected he was a rogue. Lillypatch and Rosefury were the only kits her mother, Shallowpepple, had. When they were old enough to become apprentices, Rosefury became a medicine cat apprentice while her sister became a warrior apprentice. It was shortly after the rustic she-cat gained her full medicine cat name did tragety strike. She was out with her mother and sister, who had gained her warrior name just a half moon before, gathering some Coltsfoot to ease the cough of a kit back in camp. The wolf must have snuck up on them upwind because the cats didn't spot it until it was too late. Rosefury tried to save her sister who was snatched by the wolf first, but was pushed into the river by her mother and carried away from the scene by the swift moving water. Once the current had weakened the medicine cat swam out of the river, darting back to the spot only to find both her sister and mother's bodies missing; only clumps of fur and stained red grass remained. The grief tore her up and she became very hostile towards other cats, aside from Serenitystar who was an old friend.


  • Likes: Kits, birds singing, swimming, gathering pretty stones and shells, organization
    Dislikes: Arrogant cats, losing patients, being ordered around
    Fears: Being betrayed, falling in love, being powerless to help those she cares for
    Strengths: She is very steadfast in what she stands for and will stay forever loyal to you if you can earn her respect. If she believes your motives are good and helps others with the outcome, this cat will always be by your side.
    Weaknesses: She lacks patience and acts on her emotions. Not to mention she has a bad habit of speaking crudely to cats that annoy her of she holds little to no respect for.
    Goals: As of right now, she has no real goals other than serving her clan and leader.