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Kit: Screamkit

Apprentice: Screampaw

Warrior: Screameyes

Gender: Tom (Male)

Mother: Rosetail (Dead.)

Father: Cavepool (Dead.)

Brother: Ravenpaw

Age: 36 moons
Deviant Name:


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A light brown tom with darker stripes and lighter spots of brown. His eyes are light grayish green that stand out. His elbow has a nasty scar. His fur is ruffled and fuzzy.


Screameyes was raised with his brother, Ravenkit. Him and his brother where teased and bullies by the other kits. As an apprentice his brother and him stook together to try and survive the bullying, but one day Ravenpaw and Screampaw where chased to a cliff, the other cats teased them and drove then to the edge. Screampaw heard a gasp from his brother as he turned his head to watch as the ground fell out from other his brother. Ravenpaw was killed on impact as he fell to the bottem of the cliff. The other cats fleed when they realized he was dead. Screameyes chose his own warrior name, Ravenpaw, when he was alive, he recomened the name Screameyes to Screampaw.

Screameyes has always been found of his leader, so when he found the leader of breezeclan, Ratstar, he attacked. This resulted in a lasting quarrle between the two.

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  • His mate is Swiftbreeze.
  • He hates Ratstar.
  • The scar on his elbow is from a fight with Ratstar
  • He has a crush on Serenitystar