W-DS Serenitystar

Kit: Serenitykit

Apprentice: Serenitypaw

Warrior: Serenityrain

Deputy: Serenityrain

Leader: Serenitystar

Gender: She-Cat (Female)

Mother: Swiftrain

Father: ???

Age: 47 moons
Deviant Name:


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Serenitystar is a gorgeous brown tabby with bright blue eyes, she has silky soft fur with lays neatly on her slender body.


Kit || Serenity || 1 - 4 Moons

Serenity was naturally born in RainClan, She spent most her time cuddled up with her mother SwiftRain she didn't socials at all she never left her mothers side and would often cry if her mother wasent near or beside her. but soon she was forced to separate with her mother when she had to go on hunts or patrols, her mother never came back one day, some one had found her body in the river, maybe she had drown it was under of her death, Serenity didn't under stand death at this age she would often ask where her mother was or cry for her. after that Serenity's father became abusive to her and she came to dislike and think that they often thought her as week she was never really the same since then.

Apprentice || Serenitypaw || 5 - 10 Moons

SerenityPaw was still one of the shyest kits when asked questions she would panic and mumble, she often tried to ovoid eye contact, she was a great apprentice though, she was a good hunter as she was almost silent, she was also fast on her feet witch was great for catching mise, but she was soon to be pushed out of her confort zone, at a moon gathering , she saw different cats with different smells, she never smelt any thing like this, people started to crowd around her even then as she was a cute kit and had soft silky fur, thats when she started to socials she was never really the same since that day.

Warrior || SerenityRain || 10 - 27 Moons

SerenityPaw was given her new name SerenityRain at 10 moons like any normal cat, she enjoyed being a Warrior as she could serve her clan, she still trained her self to become better and stronger, she trained every day some thing different every moon, one moon she would be training with her eyes closed the next just trying to think faster on her feet, she still trained her self in speed.

Deputy || SerenityRain || 27 - 30 moons ||

SerenityRain was soon noticed for her abilites in not only fighting but stratagies she was a smarter cat once she became deputy as it opend up more opatunaties for her.

Leader || SerenityStar || 30 - 47 Moons

SerenityStar was given the rank as the leader at a young age, as the leader died, but she was ready and could handle almost any thing allthough she tough, and so far thing have played good, she's the brightest cat you'll find the most social butterfly and well, its hard to believe what she once was so long ago.


  • Serenitystar loves to sing
  • Quite edgey and feirce
  • absolutely HATES snakes and blueberries