Darkclan blank application sheet by retisha-d60pbee

Kit: Snakekit

Apprentice: Snakepaw

Warrior: Snaketooth

Gender: Tom (Male)

Mother: Uknown

Father: Wolfheart

Age: 34 moons

(2 years and 10 months)

Deviant Name:




A light brown fur coat with a white underbelly and dark brown stripes, with bright yellow-green eyes.


Snaketooth grew up with his father. Because as soon as his father heard news that his mother was pregnant he broke it off with her. He grew up with his father by his side, teaching him how to be a strong wariror when he was a kit. When Snaketooth reached apprenticehood his father was exiled from Darkclan for a reason unknown to Snaketooth. Snaketooth became numb to his clanmates after both of his parents left him, he grew to be very rude, cocky, and flirtatious. He is often found flirting with the ladies of other clans and in his own clan. He now lives out his life within Darkclan, hoping to possibly find out an answer about his mother and father.


Try to find out Snaketooth's mother's name!