Sunpaw by bosleyboz-d61j86x

Kit: Sunkit

Apprentice: Sunpaw

Gender: Tom (Male)

Mother: ???

Father: ???

Age: 7 moons
Deviant Name:


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He's a nice, easygoing kitty who always like adventures.  :3 He's very air headed in the sense that he might hear his mentor tell him something, but he wasn't LISTENING per se. 


Sunpaw is a long-legged, small, short haired tom.  He has lightly colored orangish-yellow fur that darkens at the base of his paws. His toes and ear insides are a light cream color.  His eyes are a light blue and he wears a small woodchip necklace around his neck serving as his sort of 'friend'. 


Sunpaw either refuses to talk about his history, or he simply forgets to tell cats when they ask. If he does tell someone, it would most likely be his best friend or someone he can trust.  He isn't ashamed of his history, just doesn't think he needs to state facts. 

What did happen:  His mother raised him like any other normal kit.  She loved him, but when he was about 6 moons old, she told him he needed to go out and make his own living.  So, he left, and found the clans.