The warrior code is what a cat must pledge to and they have to stick it no matter what. The breaking of the rules will be taken of serious action by the other clans or the Clan Leader.

Warrior CodeEdit

1. Defend your clan no matter the cost. Your loyalty must always remain with your clan, even though you may have friends in other clans.

2. Do not hunt on another Clan’s territory. They have the right to hurt you or chase you out if you do.

3. Elders and kits are always fed before apprentices and warriors.

4. Prey is to be respected. Give thanks to Sunclan and Moonclan for its life.

5. Kits must be six moons to be an apprentice.

6. New warriors must sit a vigil all night for their first night of being a warrior. They may not talk.

7. A cat must have had at least one apprentice before becoming deputy.

8. The deputy becomes leader once the leader steps down or dies.

9. After death or retirement of a leader, the new deputy must be chosen before MoonHigh.

10. At gatherings there is to be no fighting at all. Gatherings are held on Full Moon nights.

11. Challenge all trespassing cats.

12. A warrior rejects the life of a kittypet.

13. No warrior may neglect a kit in pain, even if it is from a different clan.

14. A warrior must listen to its leader.


These are rules that are not specifically said in the warrior code, but every cat is still expected to follow

  • Medicine Cats may not have a mate or kits.
  • Kits must stay in camp until they are apprenticed and are not allowed to hunt.
  • The safety of the Clan is more important than the safety of one cat.
  • Clans must not unite together to drive out another Clan.
  • Clans must not force another Clan to share territory.
  • Enemy patrols must not attack cats if they are on a mission all four Clans agree on

(Taken from the Official Warrior Cat Wika Page)


  • At the lake, cats may travel on other Clans' grounds, for instance, to go to a Gathering.
  • Cats may travel on other Clan territories if they have something to report or ask for help.
  • Medicine Cats are allowed to travel on other territories to go to the Medicine Cat Gathering