Welcome Warriors! This is the wikia for the group Warriors: DarkStorm which is on DeviantArt. Warriors: DarkStorm is a roleplay group of the fictional clans: LightningClan, DarkClan, RainClan, and BreezeClan, with the accompaniment of the afterlife clans of MoonClan and SunClan. If you have trouble filling your app, just fill in all the 'TYPE HERE!' with your descriptions. If you have trouble uploading a profile picture, comment on this page or message / note KingdomHeartsRazor, upload the picture to the gallery, and Razor will edit it in.

UPDATE: 7/3/13

THERE IS A MAJOR UPDATE COMING UP. I will be changing the background to match the new plot that has been revealed. So I'll be doing a lot of editing and stuff, don't go adding pages yet. I'm going to re-do this whole theme as well as maybe change the little thingy in the corner. Just a heads up~



As of now, due to the large number of members and only one wiki editor, you have to fill in your own table of information. The table will be there for you, but you have to fill it in yourself. Sorry, but it's difficult to do everything with only one editor. If you'd like to be an editor for the wikia, please message Razor and she will tell you what you have to do as an editor. She would like to have four editors total, one for each clan.

If you are confident to make your own page, look for your own name in the list of cats of whichever clan your in and copy the template I have made. Do NOT edit this template as it is just to serve the purpose of having a template for everyone to reference and use.



The wikia is completed! All members may now edit thier profile apps. Please go find your app to edit it! Only Warriors: DarkStorm Members may have a page on this wiki. If you wish to join the group, all you have to do is go the deviantart, apply, and have fun! Sometimes clans are closed due to overfilling of memberships, so keep watch on the group!


1. Do not make any unneccessary. We don't want useless pages floating around the wikia.

2. Do not edit other people's member pages. Only edit yours.

3. Do not insult / hurt / swear

4. Have fun!

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List of Prey

List of Herbs

Warrior Code

Jobs of the Clans

Monthly AssignmentsEdit

None at the Moment.



A storm is looming over covering the land in darkness
Lightning clashing its claws
Rain stained red
With a frozen breeze whisking over us


Darkness will cover nightpelt